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A Bathroom Remodel in Tempe, AZ Can Make a Big Difference in Your Home and Family Life

One of the problems you may have is a bathroom that is filled with older, non-cleanable surfaces. This means that dirt, dust and especially germs and bacteria can grab hold and infect the next person to touch that surface. When considering a remodel, a large percentage of home owners think about a Bathroom Remodel in Tempe, AZ  after the kitchen has been dealt with. The first order of business is to image what needs to be done in this, the second most popular room in any house.

We can assist you in making this assessment with suggestions that will make your home a cleaner, more comfortable one. You may need a new or larger bathtub or shower. Additional room may be needed to make this and other changes possible. A new vanity, possibly a longer one that will accommodate an extra sink may be in order.

A Bathroom Remodel in Tempe, AZ  can also include a new window treatment and additional venting, both of which will help in the prevention of mold growth. This will also bring in more light which has the effect of brightening up a, occasionally, dark room and reduce the need for more lighting fixtures.

The replacement of the sub-flooring has always been one of the reasons for many remodeling efforts. The water that gets under the bathtub or vanity will have a negative impact on the wood under layment. Replacing this wood sheathing and covering it with a more suitable surface, such as tile, whether marble or granite, will also upgrade your bathroom, making it more immune to the ravages of molds with this fairly easy clean surface.

A Bathroom Remodel in Tempe, AZ  can be the best thing for the family as this room is used every day by everyone and sanitary surfaces, here, can make a big difference in their health and safety.

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