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Backyard Remodeling in Mesa, AZ

A very popular trend in Backyard Remodeling in Mesa, AZ is building a fire pit. Fire pits provide a fun, casual environment for entertaining and can be used for much of the year depending on what climate you live in. Most home improvement stores sell fire pit building kits that can range anywhere from $200 to $1000, so there are a lot of options available that can fit almost any budget.

There are a few things to remember when building a fire pit. First is selecting a good spot. It’s important to choose a space that has plenty of distance around it for walking and sitting and is far away from power lines and other flammable materials. When picking a spot consider the direction of the wind in your backyard and plan for which way the smoke will blow.

Make sure the pit is deep enough. If you’re digging a hole for the pit, make sure it’s at least one-foot-deep and 3 to 4 feet across. When lining the pit, cement bricks are a good option. Be sure to leave at least two inches between the bricks to allow for circulation. Firebricks, used to line fireplaces, are also good for fire pit linings. Don’t forget to cover the bottom of the pit along with lining the sides.

When building a fire pit or doing another Backyard Remodeling in Mesa, AZ project, it’s important to check and see what may or may not be allowed by local authorities. Some places do not allow open flames, especially within city limits. When burning a fire be considerate of your neighbors and try to reduce smoke and ash as much as possible, and always remember to practice fire safety and properly extinguish the fire when you’re done.

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