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There are so many Backyard Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ projects you can get started on, or rather get us going on, than you could possibly imagine. What about an outside kitchen? This is not just about a Barbeque grill or even a BBQ pit, although we have designed and installed a lot of both. This is about a full kitchen, just like you have inside, except outside, where it can be used and enjoyed, hopefully in great weather.

We have designed a number of these and they are almost always the best way to enjoy the beauty outside while entertaining any number of people. These spaces have counters for all of the food preparation areas as well as a grill, several burners and a flattop if so desired. One of the most popular fuels for these systems is natural gas or propane, but an electrical system is still a way to go. During this type of Backyard Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ, plumbing can be included to ensure all sanitary needs are taken care of with a sink, a drain, even with a garbage disposal in it.

An outside kitchen is one thing but not complete without a deck for everyone to gather around and enjoy the latest meal cooked by your culinary skills. Tables can be set up on this solid wood or recycled plastic structure or they can be constructed into the design to ensure everything is balanced and everyone has the seat they need.

This kitchen, along with the deck or patio that is absolutely necessary, will increase the value of your home and assist in elevating your reputation within the community and within your circle of friends and families who enjoy their time in your new outside dining space under the stars.

This Backyard Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ project can be handled by the professionals we train and certify for your total satisfaction.

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