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Bathroom Remodel in Paradise Valley, AZ



Ah, the Bathroom Remodel in Paradise Valley, AZ. The solitary stage where we can all let our inner rock stars run wild. The temple of deep thought. The waterfall of cleansing. Bathrooms are one of the best examples of how society evolves: they have gone from a luxury to a multi-purpose necessity; as such an important part of our homes, they deserve to be furnished with just as much care and caution. This article breaks down the basics to ensuring you go about accessorizing your bathroom correctly.


Water Closet 2.0 – Beautifying your Bathroom Functionally


Accessorizing your bathroom is essentially a branch of interior design. Be they faucets or fixtures, shelves or sliding doors, hooks or holders, there needs to be an aesthetic and a purpose to every item with Bathroom Remodel in Paradise Valley, AZ.


Prioritize, People!


 You want lots of pretty things, but what do you need with Bathroom Remodel in Paradise Valley, AZ? Get the basics down so that you don’t blow a hole in your budget buying that fancy jumbo Jacuzzi only to find you’ve no money or room left for a sink. While certain fixtures (like yon clawed bathtub) are great to look at, you’ll suffer in terms of maintenance and spacing. A cubicle shower serves a better purpose.


There are some items like toothbrush holders that can wait. Get a towel rack for your shower before you get a towel ring for the sink. Get the switchboard in place before you buy a full-width mirror. If you’re a hotelier, a combination of toilet roll holders and hand-showers is advisable for the sake of foreign guests.


Hello, Good Looking’!  


 Let your bathroom look the business while you do your business. Light, neutral colors work best for the walls. They give the illusion of space and allow for easy refurbishing later. Secondly, the feel of your design matters. If you’re going for a chrome theme, buy metallic soap holders and sleek fittings to match. A single point of color on a wall to draw the eye away from messy spots or toilet bowls is a great idea.




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