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Tips for Buying Carpet

1.  Getting Taken In by a "Promotion"

We all love getting a deal, so it’s tempting to believe the promises of having a whole house of carpet installed for $99, or getting free underpad with carpet purchase. Sadly, though, many deals are literally too good to be true. Most often, the cost of these “free” or “discounted” products and services are just built in elsewhere.

For example, consider a scenario wherein Company A is offering $99 whole-home installation, and Company B charges $0.50 per square foot for the installation. If you have 500 square feet of carpet to be installed, Company B’s installation charge would be $250. On the surface, it would appear that going with Company A would save you $151. However, what you may not realize is that Company A will charge you for every piece of tack strip, every staple used, every inch of seaming tape, and so on. These are referred to as hidden charges and can drastically increase the overall price. These hidden charges are designed to recuperate the cost of the “free” installation.

To avoid getting caught up in the wording of a promotion, be sure to get a complete, “all-in” price, and be sure you know what is included in that price, and what may be additional.

2.  Having Your Carpet "Unprofessionally" Installed

If you have a basic, square room to carpet, that has nothing complicated involved, then you may be able to install the carpet yourself, or have your “handy” friend do it for you. Beyond that, however, you are likely better off having the carpet professionally installed. There is a reason that carpet installers are called professionals. It’s because they install carpet every day, and have all of the special tools and experience required to do it properly.

Yes, carpet installation can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of upholstery work involved (stairs, railing posts, etc.). But a poorly installed carpet will not only look bad, it will not perform the way the carpet should, and thus will require replacement sooner than it would have otherwise. Consider also that many warranties stipulate that the carpet must be professionally installed in order to be valid. So, spend the extra bit of money now to have it done properly, and save yourself the headache.

3.  Choosing the Wrong Carpet for Your Lifestyle

It is important to carefully consider your lifestyle when making a decision on carpeting. The type of lifestyle you lead, and the conditions of your household should greatly influence your carpet choice.

For example, a large family with multiple pets will have much different requirements than someone living alone. They will require a carpet that can withstand higher amounts of traffic and that has increased stain resistance. They may also choose to look for carpets that are close in color to their pets (less showing of pet hair on the carpet) or that tend to hide dirt easily

Those living in traditionally sunnier climates will be more concerned with fade resistance, while those in damper climates will want to look at synthetic carpet fibers that are less prone to mold and mildew.

Nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feeling of carpet under your feet. Carpeting provides a safe, comfortable spot for kids to play and may even reduce the risk of injury during a fall [source: Carpet and Rug Institute]. Sure, carpet requires a bit of extra maintenance compared to vinyl or tile, but there's simply no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort.

Best Remodeling Contractors Gilbert, AZ

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