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How to Choose Your Carpet Color Part 2

Carpet Samples

Ask the salesperson for a sample of the carpet that you can take home. Every good retailer will provide you with a sample of the carpet, even if it is a small swatch in a sample book. Even retailers who have the roll of carpet in stock should be willing to cut a small piece from the roll if they do not have a larger sample. Sellers know the importance of looking at the samples in the right conditions, and ultimately want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you feel that the salesperson is trying to rush you into making a decision on the spot, without taking the sample home, then I would suggest trying out a different store. It would appear that the salesperson in this case does not have your best interest at heart.

When you get the sample home, be sure to put it on the floor in the area of the home it will be installed. This is a small but key tip; many customers hold the carpet up to the wall or throw the sample on the sofa to match the colors. This could also affect how the color appears, because it may not reflect the light in the same way as it would laid flat on the floor.

Take Time

The best way to get a feel for the color is to leave the sample in place for a day or two. That will give you the opportunity to view the color in all types of lighting (during the day in the sunlight, and at night with the indoor lights turned on). Look at the sample often but try not to stare at it. Just look over at it every time you enter the room, and throw an occasional glance its way. Each time you do, gauge your reaction to the color. Sometimes a new color is a bit of a shock, and while you may not like it at first, you find that after a day, you have gotten used to it. Sometimes, the color you thought you wanted becomes tiresome after a few days. For these reasons, it is best to keep the sample in place for a couple of days instead of making a quick decision.

Dye Lots

Carpet has dye lots - that is, the color may vary slightly from one roll of carpet to another. Usually the difference is very minor, and barely detectable. However, manufacturers do allow for difference, and it is not considered a defect. If you are choosing from a manufacturer's sample and not from a piece cut from the actual roll your carpet will be cut from, keep in mind that the color of your carpet may not be an exact match to the sample you looked at.

The carpet color can alter the entire feel of a room, so be sure to select your color carefully and wisely. Think about how trends may change over the years, and be sure that the color you love today will still appeal to you down the road.

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