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Hardwood Flooring Installation in Mesa, AZ





Hardwood flooring has a reputation for being easy to maintain and clean. Stains and dirt do not embed it often, and its color maintains over a long period of time. Hardwood Flooring Installation in Mesa, AZ after many years can become refurbished with sanding and new finish off with a hardy coat of polyurethane. It increases property value, but its general appeal makes a home delightful to live in.


How to Put in a Hardwood Floor


Hardwood Flooring Installation in Mesa, AZ begins with prepping the sub flooring. Sub floors need to be level, smooth, and structurally sound. Many businesses chose to cover the sub floor with a heavy paper like material such as tar paper. Others will add a wood sub layer of panels. Either will have moisture retardant properties. Measure the room and snap chalk lines starting with the beginning wall. Note any discrepancies and compensate. Laying the flooring means starting with the widest or longest planks. Make the first row at the starting wall. Check to see if nailing is recommended. Make sure to stagger the joints for a pleasing effect but also so that the wall has strength. Add other rows and use a mallet to tap boarding tight. When arriving at the wall, put in anchoring nails. Baseboards will cover these nail heads. Or use an adhesive made for such flooring. It is here the floor will float or shift if not placed right up again the wall.




All Flooring Installation in Mesa, AZ at one time or another receive scratches. Furniture crayons exist that will match floor color. Rub on scratch and fill that gap. Buff with a cloth. Many products exist for cleaning the floor. Read the manufacturer’s recommendation and find a product that meets that information. The recommendations give the best option for making the floor last as long as possible.

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