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Kitchen remodel in Paradise Valley, AZ




 When we think of kitchen themes we usually think of boring generic ones with bland colors, decor that's lamely associated with food, or completely overdone cliché themes like retro diners or Tuscan vineyards. But kitchens are just as adaptable as any other room in your house and leaves lots of creative room for experimentation when remodeling. Here are a couple surprising themes that you would never had thought to put in your Kitchen remodel in Paradise Valley, AZ.



 Rustic remodels are trendier than ever and are usually reserved for living room spaces, but Kitchen remodel in Paradise Valley, AZ can easily do it better than the others. By making cabinets, walls, counters, etc. with recycled barn wood you can create an effect that almost feels like a saloon from a western movie. Other ways of decorating can be done by putting in a sink made from an old bowl that was used for panning for gold, or you can decorate the walls with traditional cattle branding designs.



 Gaudy is not always a bad thing, and baroque themes prove it. Having marble table tops and decor that looks like it came from Versailles has a way of making a kitchen look dignified. Intricate baroque patterns work very well on plane wall spaces and cabinets. Installing a chandelier in the center of the room will create a unique focal point when the lights are turned on. Anyone who walks into a baroque kitchen will instantly feel like royalty.



 Bold colors for the walls and cabinets can have a huge impact on a Kitchen remodel in Paradise Valley, AZ and is ideal if you're more the minimalist type that wants a cleaner look. Apple reds or cobalt blues are loud enough to bring attention to themselves and to eliminate the need for any additional decorations such as frames or wall hangings.



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