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Tips to Save on Carpet PART 2

 Buy In-Stock

Many carpet retailers carry some products in stock – they usually have large rolls of carpet in their warehouse, from which they can cut the size that you need. Generally, retailers get hefty discounts from manufacturers when they purchase several large rolls at once, which they can pass on to their customers. Of course, the selection of in-stock products will be more limited than special order carpets, but if you are lucky enough to find the style and color you like in a retailer’s inventory, you should be able to save substantially over buying the same product on special order.

Most of the time, retailers stock first-quality goods (meaning there are no defects in the carpet, and full manufacturers’ warranties are in effect). Sometimes, though, manufacturers will sell off “seconds” – carpets that have a slight flaw, or are off-color (the color doesn’t match the carpet sample). Seconds can offer great savings opportunities, but the lack of warranty and the extent of the flaw may not be worth the cost savings. Be sure to confirm with the retailer that the carpet in stock is first-quality, and carries a full warranty. If not, be sure that you can accept the risk that comes with buying seconds.

 Buy a Remnant

If you are looking for a relatively small piece of carpet (usually around 12' x 25' or less) you may want to consider looking for a remnant. Remnants are typically the ends of the rolls that retailers have in stock, as described above, and are usually further discounted to sell quickly.

There are some risks associated with buying remnants, however, depending on the intended use of the carpet, they can often be well worth it. Local Remodel Company Mesa, AZ

 Don't Buy More Carpet Than You Need

This advice works in two ways. First, try not to literally buy more carpet than you require in order to cover your floor. Sometimes, wastage is inevitable, depending on your room dimensions and the width of the carpet. But make sure you have properly measured and calculated your square footage requirements, and discussed with the retailer how to minimize the wastage. If you do have left over carpet, try to use it elsewhere by making it into an area rug.

The second part of this advice is to ensure you are not buying a quality of carpet that is beyond what is necessary for your home. In other words, if you don’t need a top-of-the-line carpet, you can save some money by going with a less expensive mid-grade quality. Be sure that you are not oversold by the salesperson.

 Look for Good-Better-Best Products

Many carpet manufacturers offer product lines that are available in two or three qualities (a good-better-best format). For example, some saxony product lines are offered in 40 oz., 50 oz. and 60 oz. weights. Everything else about the carpets is exactly the same: the style, the fiber type, and the color (aside from minor dye lot variations). These collections can offer savings opportunities by allowing you to choose the higher grade where you need it, and the lower grade in lower traffic areas. For example, if you are carpeting your bedrooms, hall and stairs, you probably know that the hall and stairs are the highest traffic areas of your home, and therefore require higher grade carpet than your bedrooms. By choosing a product that is offered in different qualities, you can purchase the highest grade for your busy hall and stairs, and the less expensive option for your bedrooms, while keeping the look and color consistent.

Local Remodel Company Mesa, AZ
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