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My Home Needs a Remodel Gilbert Arizona

Aging homes are more complex when it comes to home renovations, as the median age of homes is now 35 years old. Older homes are much less likely to include basic functional features we have become accustomed to, with only 13 percent of homes built before 1920.

A Recent Report estimates that 40 percent of new households over the age of 65 in these regions will not have their needs met by new construction. As a result, homeowners in will be more likely to rely on modifying or retrofitting their current property to meet their needs.

Additional research will be needed to present a larger picture of the effect of an aging population on home improvement. These issues include the amount of new construction and remodeling done specifically to meet accessibility needs, the share of older homes being improved for accessibility, the share of older homeowners moving to more accessible housing, and how accessibility features affect the resale value of a home.

We always provide our clients with the best work we can possibly perform. If there is something wrong or they are unhappy with something we have done, we fix it. Not every contractor is worried about their reputation or cares about their clients,

My Home Needs a Remodel GIlbert Arizona

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