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Pergo or Real Wood Mesa, AZ?

We are currently remodeling, and have decided to tear up the existing hardwood (it was only in the front hall, anyway-most of the house had carpet) and put down pergo. I personally like the laminate better than the hardwood, it's easier to care for.

Three decades ago, Pergo introduced laminate flooring to the world and to this day they remain the best selling brand of laminate flooring and an industry leader in design and new technologies. Textures on a laminate floor make for a more realistic appearance, and Pergo makes this happen with their AccuWood ultra-realistic textures that provide the look and feel of authentic hardwood.

Just a few Pergo laminate lines are: LusterGard Plus (Accolade), ScratchGard Advanced (Elegant Expressions) and TitanX AntiMicrobial, Anti-Static surface protection, keeping Pergo floors looking newer, longer.  

We believe that it's imperative to view flooring in person prior to placing an order. Get laminate samples direct from us.

Pergo floors are designed to resist dirt and dust. So cleaning and maintenance are easy with these simple steps. While Pergo floors are remarkably durable, there is no such thing as an indestructible flooring material. There are however, a few simple measures that are important to keeping your floor looking new.

*Protection form Scratches and everyday Wear

*Protection from Furniture Scrapes and Scratches

*Treating Minor Damages

Pergo stain resistance means peace of mind for you and easy clean up. So, when the inevitable happens, use the following guide for stain and spot removal.

*Remove Chocolate, Grease, Juice, Cordials and Wine

*Clean up tar, markers, crayon, lipstick, oil, shoe polish, ink nail polish and cigarette burns. (and these are just a few)

Pergo laminate has three U.S. flooring production facilities and is proud to be USA Made. Using strict quality control, Pergo checks for quality and safety every step of the way. Pergo laminate products do not release harmful VOC's into living environments and are CARB II and LEED compliant, achieving FloorScore Certification.

Pergo or Real Wood Mesa, AZ?

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and guarantee the highest-quality finished product. We have no doubt that once the work is complete, you'll be proud to call your house a home! Give us a call today (480.310.9395) for your Free In Home Estimate!

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