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With all of the buzz surrounding triexta these days, one of the most common questions I am asked by my customers is: is triexta better than nylon? In order to answer this question, we examine the two fibers in detail and see how they compare to each other.


The first point to note is that both nylon and triexta are available in carpets of many different qualities. Thus, carpets made with one fiber are not going to be unilaterally better than carpets made with the other fiber.

When comparing a nylon carpet to a triexta carpet of equivalent quality, there is little overall difference in durability. It is worth noting that nylon is more resilient than triexta, meaning that it bounces back from compaction more quickly.

According to Mohawk, the manufacturer of triexta carpets, triexta is as strong as nylon and will perform as well as, or better than, a nylon of equivalent quality. The difficulty in making a true comparison between the two fibers lies in triexta’s relative youth. Nylon has been used in carpeting since the mid 1950s, so it has several decades of use to support its reputation of durability. At this point, triexta does not have the same experience, so it is difficult to say whether it performs as well as nylon.

A note regarding my own experience with triexta: I have been selling triexta carpet for several years, and, as of the time of writing, I have not received a complaint regarding the performance of triexta installed in the home. Additionally, I have a triexta carpet installed in the showroom of my store, where customers walk with their shoes (and sometimes, in this northern climate, snowy boots!) on.

After more than two years, it still looks and feels great.

To date, triexta does appear to perform very well, standing up to high levels of traffic and cleaning up well.


In terms of the warranties offered on the two types of fibers, triexta typically comes out the winner. Obviously, warranties vary depending on the quality of the carpet and the manufacturer (some manufacturers tend to offer longer warranties on similar-quality carpets than others). But overall, triexta warranties are generally longer and more comprehensive than nylon warranties on carpets of similar quality.

For example, an entry-level triexta in the Mohawk SmartStrand collection offers a texture retention warranty of 25 years and a lifetime stain and soil warranty, whereas a nylon carpet of equivalent value will usually carry a texture retention warranty of about 10 years, and likely a stain warranty of 10 years or so as well. Thus, for dollars spent, triexta typically offers increased warranties over nylon.

Remodeling Contractors Mesa, AZ

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